It's a week before the big day and everything seems to be going as planned. Your checklist is almost done and you think of more ways you can prepare for your descend into happily ever after. Here are 5 last minute wedding preparations you might not have thought about but should do before you marry your prince charming!

1. Break Into Your Wedding Shoes!
Lots of brides buy or have new shoes made for their big day! After all, weddings are just once in a lifetime. Don't forget to break into your shoes before your wedding date. You'll be in them for more than 12 hours so it's best that you're comfortable. To be sure, don't forget to bring a piece of bandaid if ever your feet starts to hurt during your big day.

2. Pack for Your Honeymoon
One of the most exciting things about weddings is getting to go to your honeymoon! ;) Don't forget to pack for one of your most romantic trips with your future hubby and remind him to pack nice outfits as well for picture taking of course!

3. Prepare payments and tips beforehand
You should just be relaxed and worry-free during your big day. Sort out all the pending payments you will need to settle after the wedding with corresponding tip envelopes so that you won't need to fumble through your stuff after the ceremony. Some coordinators also offer to handle all payments after the reception so you can just continue dancing the night away hassle-free!

4. Eat healthy and Stay hydrated
Sometimes, brides can't help but to be stressed before their wedding date. This is totally normal. Just make sure you eat and drink healthy so you don't end up getting sick and pale during your wedding. Just think of the pictures! Oh no. Best to drink vitamin C and eat on time no matter how busy you are with wedding planning to avoid any unwanted sickness

5. Assign someone to be in-charge of the gifts and leftovers after the reception
Last, but no the least, you should prepare for your entire event. This does not end with the open bar or goodbyes from your visitors, your event ends when everyone is all packed and gone. Make sure you assign someone to bring all your gifts to your house or your room and take care of all the leftover food from the buffet. You can also ask them to bring plastic containers in case the hotel doesn't have one. Make sure you assign someone responsible so you don't have to worry about these little things during your night.