Preparing for the perfect wedding requires a lot of decision making. From choosing your wedding theme to deciding where the wedding venue will be, it can be very stressful to think about all the things needed to create the dream wedding. Luckily, The Wedding Library’s got you covered. Here are a few essential items from The Wedding Library to create the perfect wedding.



  1. Endless Treasures Arrhae

The coins traditionally symbolize the promise of the groom to support his bride and their family. These coins from the Wedding Library, however, have symbols engraved in them of values such as trust, forgiveness, gentleness. It's a perfect way to add more meaning to the promise to be made at the wedding! You can also have it framed so you and your spouse will have a remembrance of that promise.

  1. Carriage Ring Pillow

The perfect fairytale wedding won't be complete without a carriage! Or a mini one, at least. Wouldn’t it be so adorable to see a young little boy carry this cute pillow down the aisle?  This pillow is a definite essential to any wedding to add a touch of magic and whimsy. Plus, your wedding rings deserve a fancy ride to the altar, don't they?


  1. Unity Princess Candle Set

Every wedding needs a unity candle but who says the unity candle can't be as dressed up as everybody else is? This candle set comes with the secondary candles and a matchbox. All of them come with ribbons and flowers trimmed around so it will beautify your wedding even more.


  1. Heart Roses Cord

Doesn’t this cord look so romantic? With the rose heart in the middle, this cord will give your wedding that cute kilig factor. Since the cord symbolizes the long bond you and your fiancé are about to share, it would add another meaning as the heart symbolizes the love that will strengthen that bond.


  1. Bride’s Veil


An iconic wedding item is the bride’s veil. Trust, a lot of people have said that the bride will not feel like a bride yet until the veil is on her head. If you really want to feel like a true bride, a veil is a definite must have for a perfect wedding. Plus, it gets everybody screaming when the groom finally removes the veil off for the first kiss!

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