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Calexotics Crystal Playmate (Blue)

Php 899
Wedding Popper Petals Red Petals 060cm Set of 3

Php 869
Wooden Money Box Gift Card Box Wedding Money Box

Php 899
The Wedding Library Secondary Veil Filipiniana White

Php 649
Wedding Guestbook Rustic With Flower

Php 749
The Wedding Library Wedding Garter Mini Lace Organza (White With Blue)

Php 259
The Wedding Library Wedding Garter Organza (Blue)

Php 339
Elegant Premium Picture Frame Oval (Ivory)

Php 519
Edible Undie Male Pink Champagne

Php 419
Wedding Popper Thermacol Balls Cannon set of 3

Php 869
Vibe-Me Sensual Pleasure Vibe (Pink)

Php 649
The Wedding Library Wedding Cord Braided with Flowers with Metallic Accent (Ecru with Gold)

Php 609
The Wedding Library Wedding Pillow Set for Rings and Arrhae MBF Set of 2 (Gold)

Php 999
Christmas Snow Spray Christmas for Glass Windows Set of 3 (White)

Php 425
The Wedding Library Wedding Match Set Ribbon Design Set of 2 (White)

Php 185
Party Poppers Set Of 3 With Heart Design

Php 800