Velvet Vibe Me Petite (Metallic Blue)

Php 719
Tsunami Vibrator SNY2500208 (Pink)

Php 2,199
Temptress Leopard Vibrator (Brown)

Php 799
Foreplay Ice Chill (Pink)

Php 1,199
Feisty Tongue (Pink)

Php 1,599
Vibe Me (Blue)

Php 599
Penis Pasta

Php 549
Willie Egg Fryer

Php 499
Texxxt Message Seduction Game

Php 479
Pin the Torpedo on the Sailor

Php 710
Pin the Macho on the Man

Php 710
Colt Men Playing Cards

Php 579
Blow Job Kit

Php 299
Edible Undie Male Pina Colada with Rum

Php 419
Edible Undie Male Cherry

Php 419
Edible Undie Female Passion Fruit

Php 419